I’m going to be without internet for a while

I’m moving and we have to get internet. I’ll be back ASAP

I’m still looking for a splicer!

I have my computer back, so I’ll be making splices after I’m done my exams, but for the start of the summer, I’ll be busy with moving out and stuff, so someone else who could post while I’m busy would be nice.  It could be temporary or permanent.

There’s been a slight problem

My computer got a tad wet and won’t turn on. I can’t splice on my phone I think I’m gonna temporarily add a splicer to the blog until it’s sorted out.

To apply just send me some examples of your work. You can be a vet at this or a n00b!

Sorry for the lack of activity!

Lots of stuff has been happening irl and has kept me busy.

That being said, I’m looking for requests right now so get to that!

All combinations of Gengar family and Marowak family with other pokemon. I know, over used but damn are those my favorite creepy combinations.

Whoops! I just realized that I didn’t put your request as an answer!

Here it is: http://genetic-pokesplice.tumblr.com/post/84287571045/fear-the-reaper-marowak-ghastly-haunter

There’s a FAQ on requests on the blog now.

There’s been requests that have had more than one requests per ask, or some that aren’t clear on what is being asked for, and some that are both.  Please make sure your request is clear, and only has one job for me.  If you can’t choose between two, just say “this pokemon and that pokemon or x pokemon and y pokemon.”